Event Rundown

Indonesian Product Bazaar

12:00 - 17:00

The Indonesian Product Bazaar is a vibrant marketplace featuring a variety of Indonesian food, beverages, apparel, and souvenirs. Experience the rich flavors of Indonesian cuisine, explore traditional and contemporary apparel, and discover unique handicrafts.


Foods and Beverages


Traditional Crafts



Tenun Workshop

13:00 - 16:00

Working together with Puta Dino Tenun Tidore, Malam Indonesia 2023 will host a workshop to make Furoshiki using tenun technique with hopes to raise the international community’s public awareness towards tenun. Participants will be taught to make tenun related products with an eco-friendly method, as well as introduced to distinct tenun patterns, specifically ones originating from Tidore.


Cultural Performance

17:00 - 19:30

Discover the rich tapestry of Indonesian culture through captivating performances that celebrate the beauty and meaning of traditional fabrics. From the dynamic pencak silat martial art to the melodious angklung instrument, rhythmic saman and bajidor dances, and enchanting Bali dance, this immersive adventure culminates in a mesmerizing fashion show.


Pencak Silat

Pencak silat is a dynamic Indonesian martial art characterized by powerful strikes, intricate movements, and the use of weaponry, showcasing the country's rich self-defense traditions.



Angklung is a traditional Indonesian musical instrument made of bamboo tubes that produce melodious tones when shaken, representing the country's vibrant musical heritage.


Saman Dance

Saman dance, also known as the "dance of a thousand hands," is a captivating traditional dance from Aceh, performed by a group of seated dancers who create synchronized movements and clapping patterns, embodying unity and harmony.


Bajidor Dance

Bajidor dance is a lively and energetic traditional dance from West Java, featuring vibrant costumes, rhythmic footwork, and graceful hand gestures, expressing joy and celebration.


Bali Dance

Bali dance encompasses a wide range of traditional dances from the island of Bali, known for their intricate movements, expressive storytelling, and ornate costumes, reflecting the cultural richness and artistic traditions of Bali.


Fashion Show

Experience a stunning fashion show that highlights the beauty of Indonesian traditional clothing and fabrics. Celebrate Indonesia's rich cultural heritage and exquisite craftsmanship through this mesmerizing display.

Date and Location


About Malam Indonesia

Malam Indonesia is a biannual event organized by the Indonesian Student Association (PPI) of Kyoto Shiga Japan which functions as a platform that comprehensively introduces the art and culture of Indonesia to Japanese people and foreigners living in Kyoto. With aims to provide a medium for foreigners to learn and obtain a hands-on experience with Indonesian culture, Malam Indonesia will not only have art and cultural stage performances, but will also showcase local products crafted by Indonesian youths and host a workshop to make Batik-patterned Furoshiki. Furthermore, it is hoped that this event would be able to foster interaction and strengthen the relationship between foreigners, particularly between the Japanese and the Indonesians.

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